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The Global Warming Wild Card

WLEA Associates have written critique and commentary on Varun Sivaram’s article in the May 2017 Scientific American. Mr. Sivaram essentially writes off nuclear and Mssrs. Copeland and Earnshaw rebut with arguments for LFTR as the “go-to” power source, India and worldwide. “The Global

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Commentary on Scientific American acticle

WLEA Associates Copeland and Earnshaw write commentary on Varun Sivaram article “Global Warming Wild Card”, description how LFTRs would solve India’s energy crisis.

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Legislative Revenue Committee Briefing

I will be speaking to you today to propose a different way to raise tax revenue to replace our declining severance tax. There are several ways this can be done, but I want to focus on just one today. As

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Thorium Green Energy For The Future

Presentation by Kirk Sorensen of FLIBE Energy. Kirk is a foremost leading authority on the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR, “lifter”). This technology can have a major impact in Wyoming, our Nation and the world. Come and find out why

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Introduction: The  WLEA response to The Sierra Club Nuclear Position

“The great problem that the environmental, the ecologic movement has is its failure to recognize how deep it has to go to be authentic.” – Fr. Thomas Berry This is a response to the Sierra Club’s position that SMRs are nuclear

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Survey for WLEA Meeting

Hello fellow LFTRers. I am trying to get a sense of the best time of the week to schedule WLEA meetings to get the best participation. For now we will just try to get the best general time for any

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